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Our crispy, golden, plant-based shrimp will surely hit the spot in your next meal.

From sushi to tacos to a creamy curry, our shrimp will fit in perfectly.


Crab Cakes

Our plant-based Crab Cakes are the perfect appetizer for any occasion. Meaty, delicious, and super easy to make!

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Fish Fillets

Our plant-based Fish Fillets are perfect for an alternative fish dinner, as crowd-pleasers, or as an appetizer. These crunchy golden patties make an exceptional fish taco!


Smoked Salmon

Do you miss bagel and lox as much as we do? Get your brunch on with our Smoked Salmon. Perfect in an open-face everything bagel, on top a thick layer of cream cheese. Yum!

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Our protein-packed Toona alternative provides endless possibilities. Perfect in a Toona melt, a salad or in sushi. 

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Sea Salt

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Black Pepper